Ghost Trader — Ahead of the Curve

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Ghost Trader — Ahead of the Curve

For those of you who follow this publication already, you know how revolutionary Ghost Trader is, or you are starting to get a good idea about it. But I’m here to tell you, the Ghost Trader team are at it again, achieving things that other projects can only dream of managing to accomplish.

Not only did the Ghost Trader team successfully launch their project themselves, eschewing the standard launchpads upon which other projects are forced to rely, they passed their Certik audit in a matter of a couple of days. The news broke literally as the Ghost Trader team was in the midst of their token launch, proving to early adopters just how solid the team is.

Additionally, it was just announced this morning that Ghost Trader is now listed on, and they are moving forward with getting listed on To say that Ghost Trader as a project are sprinting out of the gate is to understate the fact, and further ignores the weeks of behind-the-scenes work the entire team put in to ensure that everything would go off without a hitch.

As if that were not quite enough, Ghost Trader is being featured on Gollum’s Gems’s Telegram channel for an exclusive AMA tonight at 21:00 UTC/GMT (that’s 5:00 pm for our friends in the Eastern Standard Time zone). Feel free to drop in and enjoy the show! You can find it at

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