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John is an experienced and successful trader with more than 20 years of knowledge gained trading Commodities, Oil, Diamonds, Bonds, Gilts and Options for a number of tier one investment houses in the City of London and Internationally.

Prior to his Trading career John worked in the Telecommunications space managing large international sales teams. As a skilled sales management professional, and successful trader, John has both the knowledge and experience to make his dream come true and launch the World’s First Tokenized Hedge Fund.

Conceptualized over a number of years, and working in partnership with his lifelong friend The GhostTrader, this credible, experienced and energized partnership is preparing to turn DE-FI space on its head by providing the everyday person with easy access to financial, wealth generating products, normally reserved for the super rich and elite of this world.



Chief Financial Officer & Co-Founder

Dennis has over 35 years’ experience trading in London, New York and the Middle East. After a distinguished trading career for major banks he spent some time in the Middle East running a busy Royal Family trading office. Since 1998 he has traded for two major hedge funds predominately in Forex but has in the last 15 years expanded his day and shorter term trading strategies to include the major indices, gold and oil products.

He has an unblemished trading record producing year on year returns of over 60% from 1998-2008 and even bigger returns since then as the hedge funds he trades for use him as one of the more aggressive portfolio traders.

The last two years have seen exceptionally volatile markets, and he returned over 280% last year and is already showing a return of 286% as at the end of October 2021.




Chief Technology Officer

Karth has been involved with coding both personal and professional for 10+ years in many languages. Currently working as a data engineer for a healthcare analytics company.

Karth has been in crypto for slightly over a year now, and learned solidity through self taught methods. Always a lover of pushing the envelope of tokenomics, when John approached him regarding this token idea, Karth jumped on the idea.

Karth is a mod in the Gateway telegram community and has a number of small token projects under his belt.



Chief Strategy officer



executive advisor

Fujikura is a Former COO and Creative Director for Multiple Tier 1 Esports Organizations.

15 years experience managing power deliverables for over 20 million people in Southern California.

Very successful in the crypto space since 2014 and equity holder in many projects, including Ghost Trader.

Enjoys traveling the world, delicious foods, advising new Crypto Projects and being your friendly neighbourhood Whale.



head of architecture

Magnus has led a fruitful career in the IT industry.

 Most recently he held the title of CTO for an Artificial Intelligence company where he hired and led multiple software, data and data service teams.

 Having experience in both infrastructure and software, engineering gives Magnus a unique perspective, and has been beneficial in advising some of the large multi national companies.

He strives to apply these design principles and architecture patterns in crypto, resulting in faster time to market, better organisation, automation and more.