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GTR Token

GTR is a publicly traded Token, available for purchase on Pancakeswap,  and our website using Ghost Swap. 

With a fixed supply of 100,000,000 GTR is a deflationary token. Up to 2,000,000 GTR will be locked each month – these locked tokens will be from the token’s buy and sell taxes. As a deflationary token, the % of circulating supply that a holder owns will increase over time. This deflationary mechanism will also increase the amount of rewards each holder is entitled to each month. 

The contract address is:


Contract : 0x32DebF31D5ED90ca2e287D306fc23FaFAD9361c6
Name : Ghost Trader
Symbol : GTR
Decimals : 18
Network : Ethereum


The GTR Token Pool

The GTR Trading Fund is divided into different pools for distribution of profits. GTR holders receive rewards from the the GTR Token Pool. The pool continues to grow with taxes from purchases, top-ups and auto-compounding of GTR NFTs. The GTR company also compounds its trading profits from this pool to help with fund growth.

GTR token holders are rewarded 50% of the profit from the GTR Token Pool on a monthly basis. This is distributed amongst GTR holders based on amount of tokens held and time held.




The revolutionary GTR NFT is available exclusively on our website. The unique and reward earning NFT utilizes auto-compounding to increase the value of the NFT. Through the GTR DApp holders can specify the % of rewards to be auto-compounded each month.

To extend the capabilities of the NFT further GTR NFTs can also be top-up with addition BUSD through the GTR DApp. Top-ups and auto-compounded BUSD can be withdrawn from GTR NFTs as required.

Taxes from purchasing, top-ups and auto-compounding are added to the GTR Token Pool to ensure an even distribution of trading pool growth.


NFT trading pool

Funds from the purchase of GTR NFTs are deposited directly in the GTR NFT Trading Pool, after tax. The NFT Trading Pools also grow with BUSD top-up and auto-compounding from NFT holders.

At the end of every monthly trading cycle, profits are distributed to each of the trading pools. These are then paid out to NFT holders and GTR token holders. The % received is dependent on the type of NFT held. The GTR NFT receives their share of 50% of the profit made form the GTR NFT Trading Pool. 


GTR Tokenomics Combined

The GTR Token and GTR NFT work perfectly together to create the GTR ecosystem.

The organic growth of  trading pools ensures GTR continues to move forwards towards a target of $5m Trading Fund.

All aspects of the GTR Tokenomics are designed to build and distributed wealth to the GTR community in a fair and equitable system.

Combining the benefits of both the GTR Token and the GTR NFT drives holders towards financial freedom through true passive income.

Tokenomics paper