Ghost Trader — Game-Changing Tokenomics Bring a New Era in Rewards-Based Tokens

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Ghost Trader — Game-Changing Tokenomics Bring a New Era in Rewards-Based Tokens

We are all too familiar with meme coins and start up projects in the crypto space launching on hype and FOMO with nearly all utility’s a distant promise. Just because every project has a claimed “use case” of either charity, specialised utility, airdrops or some other far away promised money printing machine, each of these “use cases” heavily rely on how well the token performs over time in order to pay you a reward.

What if I told you that Ghost trader was completely different and already has its utility in play and paying rewards prior to launch, even without a crypto chart in play? You would probably ask how the tokenomics allow for such a system and ask me to explain how it works.

Since this is a new type of project that will revolutionise BSC as a whole, allow me to briefly explain this ground breaking concept.

The Ghost Trader Utility is a real world trading fund that is traded in monthly periods by an elite trading professional and therefore a percentage of your contribution to the project is taken off the chart and put into the trading pool. When in this pool the trader makes trades on the market using his expertise in the forex, indices, gold and oil markets where he has demonstrated already a 6.5% return in two weeks to the private slae contributors.

So how is this tracked via the tokens?

Firstly there are two tokens in play here so I will take you through the concept separately.

GTR VIP: This token was distributed to the private sale contributors and is a holding value of your contribution at a ratio of 1:1 per dollar contributed. This token unlocks a lifetime reward of 15% on the trading pool (as long as it is held) and is not tradable on the chart.

GTR is the standard token which is tradable with a percentage of your buy being sent to the trading pool fund and the rest being used for liquidity. The percentage that is sent to the pool is off the chart and safe from the movement on the token in the chart. This means that even if there is no movement in the chart your money is always generating rewards off chain, which will be paid back to you on a monthly bases. This token allocates 50% of the rewards to its holders.

Simply put, as the token chart goes up your token value increases along with a monthly reward from the trading pool. If the chart is red, you will still receive a reward!

The Grand Witch (Senior Head of Operations) explains this with his message of

“We trade so you don’t have too”

This system has been coined buy the Dev as rewards 3.0 as no matter what happens to the token chart, you will generate a reward from the trading pool, generating you passive income for as long as you hold the token.

To directly quote some of our amazing community as they are a huge part of the reason Ghost Trader has got to this point.

“This is the real one that I 100% truly believe in”

“I’ve never heard of something with a sustainable reward pool in BSC, which is why its ingenious that you have an outside source”

“If people are not listening, shout about this louder”

I hope you would agree that this is a ground-breaking concept that is already working and is a complete revolution to the concept of rewards tokens.

Please take the time to research the project via the website and the Telegram chat via the links below.



John C

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