Ghost Trader — The Next Phase

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Now that the new year has officially arrived and we begin the next phase of the Ghost Trader project, the team would just like to take a moment to thank our incredible community of contributors and supporters. Without your confidence, conviction, and unwavering support, our path would have been significantly more difficult over the past year. We are proud to have the opportunity to prove your confidence correct.

Moving Forward At Speed

Now that we have the first phase complete, the time has come to focus on the upgrades and improvements GTR has planned for release over the next twelve months and beyond. With an entire year of evidence for our proof-of-concept, the time has come to refine our project and begin to push the pace a bit. The next leg of our journey will bring an acceleration of activity in terms of the development of our ecosystem.

Without letting too much out of the bag just yet, suffice it to say that the patience our community has shown us will be well-rewarded. While we cannot yet reveal the full gamut of changes on the agenda, suffice to say that all new additions will represent healthy and logical evolution for our utility and new use case, rather than radical tangents and abrupt new directions. The team has much to share.

A Taste of What to Come

Here at GTR, we recognize that our road to success has felt like a boring one. Good reason, too. The team will always focus on evolutionary progress and development. One does not build a bridge upon sand and expect it to endure. We punctuate our progress with consistency.

That being said, we have already shared some of the news. As you may have heard already, the pool has finally grown to a sufficient scale that some of our trading team’s more advanced tools have become available to us. We have begun to explore options strategies, for example. This approach will greatly improve our ability to bridge the divide.

The addition of Ethereum-based NFTs represents another imminent change. As anyone familiar with the space can attest, Ethereum represents the most robust altcoin ecosystem on blockchain. By offering our utility to this new blockchain community, we expand our opportunity to reach vastly more people. By focusing on the largest next, we allot ourselves a greater capacity to accumulate sufficient assets to more fully realize our goals.

Project Specter

Additionally, we are about to roll out Project Specter, a hitherto completely secret internal plan that has been in the works since the earliest days of GTR. We will announce the details of this rather important bit of news very soon. Without giving too much away just yet, this plan will usher in a pretty significant upgrade to our ecosystem. It will provide us the opportunity to bring our project onto a much larger stage, exposing orders of magnitude more potential contributors to our project.

Following on the heels of that major upgrade, the team will also release an updated and revised whitepaper — version 3.0 — as well as a new official roadmap, a brand new pitch deck, and an updated website over the coming quarter. These new documents will fully explain Project Specter. Everything about to appear on the roadmap for the next year represents ideas that the team have been developing and cultivating for months.

As stated above, GTR does not do anything arbitrarily. We move with deliberateness. We will never rush anything new that we introduce. We will unveil more of the plan soon — and by soon, we mean sometime early Q1. We will not keep you guessing for long. But for now, we hope the teaser will suffice. Remember, this is still only the beginning.

Join Us

Please be sure to stay tuned to our social media outlets moving forward for updates and news of the Ghost Trader project. We invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out the podcast found here.

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