GTR — A Rewards Pool that Never Runs Dry

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GTR — A Rewards Pool that Never Runs Dry

London, December 20, 2021 –
The crypto space has rocketed over the last year with innovations like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs paving the way for mainstream usage. Numerous rewards tokens, tokens that reward investors for holding via reflections, have popped up like mushrooms in the DeFi jungle but all have the same issue – the rewards stop when the trading volume goes down. 
Enter Ghost Trader, the world’s first tokenized crypto hedge fund platform. Hedge fund in crypto? Yes, you read it right! While traditional hedge funds have been the playgrounds of high and ultra-high net worth individuals, a team of ex-bankers and trading veterans is here to change the game by making hedge funds accessible to the average investor, using the innovations in decentralized finance.

How does it work?

Money generated from token buyers is pooled and then used by the professional traders, having more than a century of combined trading experience, to trade in foreign exchange (FX), the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW), Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE), Oil and Gold markets and vetted crypto projects. The profits from the trades are then distributed to the investors in the form of stable coin BUSD dividends directly to their crypto wallets. Over time, the investors can recoup their initial investment by the BUSD rewards while simultaneously enjoying the appreciation of the GTR token in value, truly making this a token for the long-term investor who neither has the time nor the inclination to partake in trading every day.

Introducing the world’s first tokenised crypto hedge fund platform, Ghost Trader. Gone are the days when hedge funds were a luxury only the rich could afford. Owing to recent innovations in decentralised finance, an experienced team of ex-bankers and trading veterans has come up with a master plan to level the playing field where even an average investor can use their skills to earn rich dividends while still enjoying the securities of traditional finance.

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