Ghost Trader — Running on All Cylinders

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Ghost Trader — Running on All Cylinders

In a matter of only a handful of days, Ghost Trader has successfully self-launched, received top marks from their Certik audit, gotten listed onto Coingecko, had a wildly successful AMA with Gollum’s Gems, and just managed to secure Coin Market Cap listing as well. That listing of accomplishments is almost exhausting just recounting it. And yet, no one associated or involved with the project has been the least bit surprised.

It is a testament to the strength of the core idea of Ghost Trader, the keen capabilities of the core team, and the growing community surrounding them the level of success the project has achieved already. And yet, the project was not even released to the public a full week ago. As of this writing, Ghost Trader is but a mere 3 days old.

Many projects claim to be forging a new and better path. The Ghost Trader team is out here quietly doing it, and in the midst of a pretty significant market downturn.

What the BSC space, and the crypto world as well, will witness very soon is just how powerful Ghost Trader’s core utility functions regardless of market conditions. So long as there are people trading on global markets, the Ghost Trader trading team — headed by Ghost Trader Dennis himself — will continue to fill the bags of Ghost Trader tokenholders. It matters not whether the markets rise, fall, or trade sideways. Where there are markets, there will be Ghost Trader constantly on the hunt for profit opportunities to enrich its steadily growing stable of bagholders. And now that both Coingecko and CMC have recognized the legitimacy of the project, there is no way to go but up.

Join the revolution. We are the standard. We are changing lives. Where we lead, the rest will follow. Join us.

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