Bridging The Divide

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Bridging The Divide

Contributed by John C.

If you are anything like me, you have been diligently working your entire life, working your way up the chain and are now approaching middle age. You are also most likely looking to the future and starting to calculate what you will have when you retire. If you have children, you may also be worried about giving them access to the same opportunities you had, opportunities like home ownership, education and a job that pays a decent wage.

Looking at the outlook in the markets, and the compounded stress of the last financial crises, and the pandemic, I began to research cryptocurrency as a way to maximize my returns and set up a financial cushion for my family. Crypto was originally created to give people control over their own economic lives, creating a community-led financial system that excluded governments and banks, or at least removed their power. This appeals to me for two reasons: the first is an open source system that logs all transactions, and the second is that it opens up opportunities that have over time been increasingly reserved only for the wealthy.

Crypto can be a minefield to navigate when you first enter the space with, every project promoting multiple benefits and returns, and promising the moon. A high proportion of these projects can be either self-destructive over time, or can be intentionally set up to scam the investor, inevitably leading to a lack of trust in the industry. So how does someone begin to navigate this space?

The simple answer is: with great difficulty. You can listen to the news, watch the charts, listen to your favourite internet influencer, research a project or just ape into anything you think has future potential. All of these approaches come with a high risk factor and can either make or break investors — and typically it’s the latter. The majority of projects pump in the beginning, only benefiting those who were in early and took their profits on the way up. This has a nasty habit of leaving the diamond handed investors and the later-comers picking up the tab and losing faith in the space or, more importantly, looking to do the same in the next project. This creates a perpetual cycle of pump and dump which creates fear for the potential crypto investor. So how does the industry begin to fix this problem?

Enter Ghost Trader, the world’s first tokenized hedgefund opportunity. Ghost Trader is a financial technology (FinTech) company that overseen by a UK accountancy firm. This provides a level of security for all of its contributors. Combined with the accumulated experience and skill of proper hedge trading expert with 35 years of experience and success in all market conditions, along with a tokenomics system that rewards holders regardless of market or token price behavior. On both red and green candles, the trading team, led by the Ghost Trader himself, puts the genius of this platform into action for its community.

Every transaction on the token feeds the trading pool via the buy and sell taxes This pool is then converted to fiat and traded in the Forex, Indices and Gold markets, producing monthly rewards, truly “Bridging the divide” between the new and exciting Crypto space and the established world of trading. Put simply, Ghost Trader is offering the financial tools and access of the wealthy to the everyday person. This not only creates a never-before-seen

opportunity for the smaller players in the space, but also fulfills the original promise of crypto, which is to democratize financial power, giving it back to the people.

Ghost Trader is a serious opportunity for those that understand the patience required to build wealth. Ghost Trader is not the typical moonboy or “wen lambo” project. Ghost Trader is an opportunity for the serious long term diamond handed contributors to gain financial freedom, even in a volatile market. Ghost Trader contributors have already seen a December reward that outstrips any retail product on the market, and with an ever growing trading pool, those monthly rewards are expected to grow significantly as the contribution pool grows.

I invite you to put aside your fears by visiting the website or by joining in the discussion on either Telegram or Discord to find out how Ghost Trader is not only the most unique project in the cryptospace, but also how it could set you financially free, empowering you to live life on your own terms.

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