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Chinese bank runs. Rampant inflation. The recent and now infamous “Crypto Contagion”. It is a bit of a struggle to comprehend the rapid about-face we have all witnessed in the market. A mere year ago or so, digital asset investors appeared confident that Bitcoin would reach and potentially breach $100k, and equities investors were excitedly anticipating the Dow Jones reaching 40,000 and beyond. As the euphoria stage of the most recent bull cycle reached its climax, the last to the party were surviving on the hopium that the elevator would just… keep going.

The Cold Reality

Well, now we all know better. Truth be told, we all should have. Alas, most failed to heed the warning signs, and so many chose to ride their positions down, down, down. Even now, in the midst of what is most likely nothing more than a relief rally, some people have started to get that wild-eyed, reckless optimism again that got so many people into trouble in the first place.

No, Virginia, there is no Crypto Santa Claus coming — not yet, and probably not for a good long while. The reasoning here is pretty simple.

Our global economy is in the midst of a massive transitional phase, one with which most observers simply have not yet reckoned. As we move from a globalized economy to one much more focused on regional trade relationships, and where major “near-peer” powers to the United States begin to feel the effects of this transformation — almost entirely for the worse — we should expect to see yet more market volatility and yet further significant moves to the downside.

See, the problem in the market goes far beyond just the digital asset space. This space just feels it first because it remains by far the most rampantly speculative. It is the space that is most sensitive to the whims of the overall market. Liquidity can go from hot to cold and back again in the matter of weeks, even days. The market caps are relatively small, even for Bitcoin. The entire space combined only makes up about $1T dollars, total.

The fact of the matter is this. If you are a layperson, now is probably not the time to try your hand at trading. Now is the time to accumulate cash reserves. Now is the time to play it safe, while the dollar runs roughshod over practically every other asset class on the planet. The dollar remains, for all its flaws, the global reserve currency and currently seems to be the choice for safety for most risk-averse market participants.

Unfortunately, inflation throws a pretty significant spanner into the gears of that strategy as wel. Even the cash you manage to sock away until the market reaches bottom constantly loses real purchasing power. The result is ultimately a losing strategy.

The Alternative to the Alternatives

Luckily for the market, GTR provides a real and proven alternative. This project was devised to be unlike any other project in or out of the digital asset space. Our team focuses on expertly trading the combined contributions of our community, while also allowing for real compounding of our community’s contributions.

GTR’s aim is to provide the best risk-managed, consistent returns possible despite the market conditions. The results have been remarkable. Our track record shows that we have far outpaced inflation. Our team’s effort to overcome that inflationary undertow tugging at our savings have proven incredibly successful so far.

By logging market-beating positive returns since inception, we have consistently generated a healthy and consistent passive stream of income to our contributors. That is a proper hedging. There is an old adage. “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” But that misses the most important consideration altogether. The real question, the ultimate test at the end of the day, is how much can you buy with what you have left.

GTR has set the bar to a level not easily matched — by anyone.

As mentioned last week, GTR will be announcing a great deal of news in the very near future.

The release of the initial tranche of our Silver NFTs is imminent, for example. Additionally, our development team plans to add a new and critically important function to our DApp. This one new addition will be a fundamental component to the basic GTR ecosystem. More information will be on offer over the next two weeks. We deeply appreciate your patience and enthusiasm for the project.

Join Us

Register here on our website to secure your opportunity to join one of the most exclusive communities in the financial world. Also, be sure to stay tuned to our social media outlets moving forward for updates and news of the Ghost Trader project. We invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out the podcast found here.

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