GTR — James Pelton AMA

The GTR team is pleased to announce our next upcoming AMA, with James Pelton. Mr. Pelton, the respected passive income expert, will be hosting us on Twitter Spaces for an […]

GTR — The Real Alternative

Chinese bank runs. Rampant inflation. The recent and now infamous “Crypto Contagion”. It is a bit of a struggle to comprehend the rapid about-face we have all witnessed in the […]

GTR — Building Steam

For those who thought the worst of inflation was behind us, today’s news came as a bit of a shock. Still, not everyone expected recovery to begin so soon. As […]

Ghost Trader and Freedom

If you happen to be reading these words, chances are pretty good that you are searching for a way to create a better life for yourself. By some happy accident, […]

Ghost Trader vs. The Unraveling

It seems like the same old refrain by now in the DeFi space. Almost weekly recently, some pretty serious dysfunction has been uncovered in several major projects, indicating a serious […]