Ghost Trader vs. The Unraveling

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It seems like the same old refrain by now in the DeFi space. Almost weekly recently, some pretty serious dysfunction has been uncovered in several major projects, indicating a serious market-wide contagion of risk tolerance.

First it was the LUNA Crash, barely a couple of months ago now. Next came Celsius. Following closely on the heels of Celsius’ cessation of withdrawals due to “extreme market conditions,” Three Arrows Capital (3AC) started to show serious signs of weakness and now looks to be on the verge of full-on collapse. And of course, let us not forget about the ever-present Tether scuttlebutt. Everyone seems to be waiting for that shoe to drop.

The Unraveling

Recently, observers and commentators have taken to referring to this scintillating cascade of leverage collapse and de-risking as The Unraveling. In short, too many large actors got caught swimming naked as the proverbial liquidity tide ebbed, and only the short sellers want to witness that sort of exposure.

The entire cavalcade of financial shenanigans has shown the dangers that have arisen in the DeFi space. More importantly, it shows either a profound lack of technical proficiency, a brashness stemming from an overabundance of confidence, or outright professional dishonesty. The entire market has been a minefield of hidden risk, and frankly, it stands as no mystery why so many retail investors have fled to relative safety when possible.

Brass Tacks

From the looks of things, the entire ecosystem ended up being a complicated series of overlapping yield-farming daisy-chains, none of which maintained any tether to real value. The companies basically invested investors’ money into degenerate DeFi plays as a fundamental strategy for securing maximum yield, risks be damned.

The result was a telescoping series of ever-riskier projects relying on one another to provide greater yields (with ever-escalating risk profiles). It is likely that no one had any clue how overexposed everyone else was. These projects essentially assumed compounding risky bets using money entrusted to them, doing so without sufficient hedging against downside risk. The unspoken expectation was that these DeFi projects would maintain a modicum of circumspection and prudence about the way they sought to maximize yield.

This is not meant to be a takedown of any specific project, but rather as a critique of the entire DeFi space itself. The situation also provides us with an object lesson in what to avoid. As the old saying goes, “[i]f it sounds too good to be true, there is a good chance it is.”

A Different Approach

Ghost Trader works differently. GTR contributors provide operating capital to the trading team, relying on the strength of numbers to equip the team with sufficient capital to generate yield. The rewards solely rely on the skill and success of the trading team. There is no venture capital activity on the part of GTR, and our rewards stem purely from the efforts of our trading team.

Rather than lending out that capital to other projects whose teams may not maintain the same levels of professionalism, skill, and risk management that our team maintains as a matter of course, the team maintains direct and complete control over our contributors’ funds. By relying on decades of experience and skill and focusing on sectors explicitly outside the purview of the digital asset space — ForEx, gold, oil, etc. — our team can take advantage of market volatility rather than becoming just another victim to it.

The Ghost Trader team can assess accurately and perform nimbly to provide the greatest value proposition available. The result has been a consistent track record of providing outsized rewards to our contributors while the rest of the market implodes.

Our Responsibility, Our Vow

Ghost Trader is building a community, for the long term. While GTR does not guarantee the rewards that it provides to its contributors, the team maintains a remarkable level of transparency and communication. Our contributors are some of the most well-informed people in the space because our team makes itself accessible — from the Ghost Trader himself to our Telegram moderators.

The median level of understanding in our community of both our project and the overall financial space stands as a testament to the extensive work the team puts in to keep the community informed with respect to news and project developments. It also indicates the extent the team actively goes in order to educate the contributors.

New Developments

As announced over the weekend, the team here at Ghost Trader has opened the whitelist phase for the release of our new Silver edition NFTs. The team will begin to release these new NFTs in a matter of weeks. Your place on the whitelist ensures that you can secure your position for the upcoming and future phases of the project. It goes without saying that the team could not have made it this far without our amazing Ghost Trader community.

Register here on our website to secure your opportunity to join of one of the most exclusive communities in the financial world. Also, be sure to stay tuned to our social media outlets moving forward for updates and news of the Ghost Trader project. We invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out the podcast.

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