Ghost Trader — Becoming the Bridge Itself

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Now that some time has passed since Ghost Trader released the complete elaboration of the new mechanics in our ecosystem, the community has had the opportunity to dig into the nuts and bolts of how everything works. The updated and improved approach provides a much more streamlined and specialized set of options for our contributors, but there remain some nuances that require a closer read. As with any specialized tool, we have to learn how to operate it in order to maximize its potential as the most powerful wealth-building and passive-income-generating project in the digital asset space.

Wading Into The Shallow End

To begin, let us consider this article the written equivalent of sticking your toes in the pool for the first time. There will be a new comprehensive deep dive on the full tokenomics of the entire ecosystem coming out in the near future, so fear not. The intent here is to introduce some insights that the GTR community itself has uncovered in their working through the new system. Of course, none of this is intended as financial advice. The intent here is purely educational. The following scenarios represent consensus understandings of strategy with respect to the new Ghost Trader mechanics.

Being Aggressive

Despite the more simplified approach to the tokenomics, it nevertheless took most Ghost Trader veterans a while to get their heads around the impact of the changes. The largest changes, from a value proposition perspective, apply to the GTR token rewards and GTR token value itself. As you probably already know, Ghost Trader instituted what amounts to a four year lifespan on the token, with a final buyback protocol at the end. Therefore, holding GTR tokens will continue to generate rewards for the coming four years. If one’s intention is to HODL though for the duration, the change means that as GTR continues its deflationary trajectory, every month one’s percentage share of the total GTR circulating supply — and therefore the percentage of the token reward stream — increases automatically, month over month. Additionally, assuming a consistent performance by our trading team, the rewards should similarly become better and better over time.

One can easily make the case for buying a nicely-sized bag of GTR tokens and then just sitting through the coming market volatility. The deflationary mechanic will do what it does in the coming years. Token rewards will likely improve overall as the trading pool grows. The token value should naturally rise as the company creates a floor by buying and locking tokens.

A More Reserved Approach

On the other hand, one could also make a compelling argument for the other extreme. The previous approach will rely heavily upon token appreciation due in large part to the perceived value of the reward stream and general market volatility. Some people have a need for less excitement in their lives. By employing an NFT-only approach, one can contribute directly to the GTR trading pool through one’s NFT. As long as our trading team continues their normal performance, the trading pool grows and is denominated in stablecoin. With one fewer degrees of volatility, the community consensus has deemed this approach significantly more conservative than the token-heavy option. Ghost Trader’s project goal here is to provide premier FinTech tools for everybody. That is precisely what the new mechanics provide. This is obviously not intended as financial advice. Nor would anyone associated with Ghost Trader provide such advice. Our project intends to bridge the divide for everyone else, by becoming the bridge itself.

The Bridge Is Built

Regardless of which option you choose, or any point in between, Ghost Trader provides a system that allows you to reach your goals and allows you to dial in your strategy in precise accordance with your risk profile. That really does get at the real genius of the Ghost Trader project. The goal of the project is to provide the means for anyone to succeed. The trading team — and the Ghost Trader himself — have an extensive track record of superior performance. By employing a deflationary GTR mechanism and putting the GTR community pool of assets into the hands of an expert trader with 35 years experience crushing it in the market, all of the pieces are there. Ghost Trader has built the bridge. The divide, we hope, will soon be a thing of the past.

Be sure to stay tuned to this space moving forward for updates and further deeper explanations of the Ghost Trader project. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

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