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Submitted by Jeet

There’s an old saying, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” That wisdom applies universally, even to the newest innovations. The cryptospace, as groundbreaking and disruptive as it is, still appears in many ways to be just the most recent example of a marketplace gone silly. Most cryptocurrency projects make promises to the moon and beyond, and yet deliver nothing but earthbound pebbles. It seems that most projects have plans for developing things in the future — some retread play-to-earn clone or some new hot wallet or swap.

We don’t really have to guess how many succeed versus how many fail. The truth is, very few of them ever live up to their claims. While this problem has proven to be endemic to the digital asset space generally, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) space in particular has proven itself to be the proverbial graveyard of many failed projects. These projects run the gamut, from very promising but ultimately doomed project concepts to adult entertainment projects, to outright frauds. All of those types of projects made tall claims, but ultimately failed to deliver. Too often, these projects end with a big loss for the investors and contributors.

Still, the cupboard is not entirely bare. Just because the space is a veritable smorgasbord of risky projects with no real utility or track record should not detract from the fact that sometimes, occasionally you really can find a hidden gem in the BSC space if you know what to look for, and those bombshell projects make it all worthwhile.

Speaking of successful projects and hidden gems, Ghost Trader got its start in the BSC space. Indeed, Ghost Trader is one of the exceptions to the rule, one of those remarkably unique projects that would have succeeded pretty much anywhere it had begun. And that, my friends, is the real secret to finding the needles within the metaphorical haystack. Projects that are solid, projects that show real utility out of the gate — or even before, like Ghost Trader — those are your winners.

In fact, that notion of showing instead of telling informs everything Ghost Trader does. At Ghost Trader, we believe in the power of now, of walking the walk. Our team does not make claims without evidence. For proof, look no further than the private sale contributors. They were already receiving rewards even before the pre-sale had started. To my knowledge, that is a digital asset first.

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