Red Candles, Green Candles… It Doesn’t Matter for Ghost Trader

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Red Candles, Green Candles… It Doesn’t Matter for Ghost Trader

As anyone who follows the market can tell you, the markets bled dramatically over the past 24 hours. The release of the minutes of the Federal Reserve’s most recent meeting prompted the massive sell-off, due to the discovery that the Fed members themselves — the self-appointed “Masters of the Universe” — believe they miscalculated their initial estimates of the current real inflation rate. By extension, that would mean that the size and speed of the anticipated rate hikes — three planned as of this writing — will be woefully inadequate to the task of bringing inflation back into line to forestall economic calamity.

Across the broader markets, red candles — massive selling pressure — abounds. The fear-and-greed index is buried in the low 20s. The proverbial rending of flesh and gnashing of teeth can almost be heard with every new sell order that gets placed. And not without reason, truth be told. The current market sentiment and performance accurately reflects the tenuous state of affairs that rule the markets. Anyone who has paid attention in recent months, or even years, knows just how overextended the market is. If you know anything about technical analysis, you probably already know that numerous broad indices have reached their 4.236 Fibonacci extension. For those who don’t know what that means, basically “the end of the bull market is nigh.” Most accept that indicator generally as a very strong and clear indication of a broad reversal in a given asset, asset class, or market.

Despite the overall rotten state of affairs in the market, there remains a bright spot, a growing light of hope for those who have been fortunate enough to discover it. I am of course referring to Ghost Trader. Those who follow this publication are probably already aware of Ghost Trader, but for those who are just finding out about the project or are unfamiliar with the mechanics of the project, allow me to elaborate.

Ghost Trader is a tokenized hedge fund. Hedge funds, and hedge trading, work really well in volatile markets where there is a great deal of price action. To say that there has been a great deal of price action over the last couple of days would be a bit of an overstatement, as we’ve witnessed a pretty significant slide across the broadening retail market. This sort of price action — whether up or down — is where hedge funds, and therefore Ghost Trader, excel.

Generally speaking, participants in retail markets never have access to hedge funds. In fact, Ghost Trader is the first and only hedge fund operating in the digital asset space at all. It is an entirely unique project, and more importantly, a real opportunity for retail market participants to profit while almost everyone else is stuck staring into the abyss.

Ghost Trader is, first and foremost, a rewards token. Therefore, while there is price action on the token itself, that price action does not negatively affect the pool of assets being employed by the Ghost Trader and his team in order to generate those rewards. If anything, heavy buying and selling only improves our trading team’s ability to perform well for our tokenholders. The mechanism is simple. Everytime someone buys or sells GTR, the Ghost Trader token, a small “tax” gets assessed for each transaction. The proceeds from those “taxes’’ are directed to the trading pool that the Ghost Trader team then uses to generate rewards for tokenholders every month. In other words, there is a built-in advantage to buying and holding, rather than trading in and out of GTR. This token mechanic, we believe, will contribute to a significantly more stable price of the coin in the long run. And in the meantime, it helps to build the project in a healthy, consistent, and predictable manner.

While we don’t know exactly how well the trading team is doing in real time, the Ghost Trader himself releases his completed and closed trades once they have cleared. The project does intend to start publishing these trades on our platform in the future, so stay tuned for that. Our hope is that by providing proof of concept — which we already have with our rewards payouts — and proof of ongoing success — which will be forthcoming in the next few weeks — the digital asset community, and the world, will come to recognize that they have a reliable option amongst the tumult and churn of the end-of-bull market and beyond.

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