GTR to Send Shockwaves Through the DeFi Industry

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GTR to Send Shockwaves Through the DeFi Industry

Have you heard about Ghost Trader? Well unless you have been lucky enough to find this project through friends or family then I am expecting your answer to be no, but that’s ok as now you are here reading this article I will explain how Ghost Trader is set to revolutionise and send shockwaves through the crypto markets.

Ghost Trader is a concept born as a solution to a problem that has existed for many years in the financial markets. How is it that even when the economy is crashing, the interest rates are so low and the world is going through a pandemic, the top 1% continue to add to their wealth at an exponential rate?

The answer is not that they avoid tax, but the majority of their wealth is in the financial markets being traded by professional hedge fund traders making them returns each month and we the people just don’t have the ability to access these tools to do the same.

This is where the Ghost Trader Shockwave begins. Ghost Trader is a platform that allows us every day people to access these tools by using the decentralised crypto space. Each time you buy the token, a percentage of your buy will be added to the trading pool, off the token chart to be traded by a seasoned hedge fund manager who has returns of nearly 300% last year. If you hold the token you will generate yourself passive income and a rewards allocation every month, even if the token chart goes red. This (as I am sure you will agree if you have been in the space long enough) is completely unheard of and add to that, the fact that the first cycle of rewards have already been paid to the private sale holders prior to the token launch is absolutely ground breaking in the space.

The next shockwave is the team behind this project. John (The Founder) and Dennis (The Ghost Trader) came up with this concept to give everybody a chance to access a world that they have been involved in for many years.

Dennis has been trading for over 30 years for some of the largest banks in the world and also a Royal Family. Out of the last 48 months he has only posted two that were negative.

John has been involved in the financial world for many years and is a seasoned business man who has the skill set and determination to drive this project forward. As John has recently said

“If I can look back and I have helped someone, wherever in the world they be, to generate passive income and lift them out of poverty I will wake up every day feeling great”.

Complemented by a team of seasoned professionals and the best community in the space, Ghost Trader is set to become 2022’s largest Crypto project.

Come and join in, research the project, and find out how Ghost Trader can potentially change your life.


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