Ghost Trader — A Vehicle for Change

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Ghost Trader — A Vehicle for Change

As the world’s first and only fully tokenized hedge fund, Ghost Trader is the most exciting new DeFi project on the BSC network. Ghost Trader is on a mission to empower the investment community to achieve life-building wealth on their own terms. Ghost Trader is accomplishing this by providing novel tools, comprehensive education, and professional guidance to their community members, enabling their community to attain true financial freedom. Ghost Trader is a vehicle for change, for empowerment, bridging the divide by giving power back to the people, one trading cycle at a time.

The Ghost Trader plan is simple, powerful, and unstoppable. Ghost Trader combines all of the advantages of highly skilled hedge trading with the immutability and flexibility of blockchain technology, all while meeting and exceeding the strictest standards of transparency and professionalism in the digital asset industry. At the heart of the approach is the Ghost Trader himself, a seasoned elite hedge fund trader with more than three decades of experience maneuvering through the complexities of global forex, commodities, precious metals, and equities markets. He brings to the Ghost Trader project the sort of deep understanding and comprehension of the world markets that can be accumulated only through hard-won experience operating at the highest reaches of high-stakes trading. Prior to his joining the project, his expertise was accessible solely to the world’s most wealthy. As the heart of the Ghost Trader project, he and his team enable Ghost Trader to open up the world’s greatest financial opportunities to the Ghost Trader community as a whole.

With its groundbreaking approach of bringing the tools and expertise previously accessible only to the wealthiest investors directly to the masses — along with the promise of greater utility yet to be announced — Ghost Trader has created a groundswell of organic excitement within the BSC space, enabling the team to successfully launch its project without external launchpad assistance, a rare accomplishment in itself. Only by setting the bar so high can Ghost Trader become the new standard against which all digital asset projects in the BSC space and beyond, both old and new, will be compared. Ghost Trader will deliver what other projects merely promise.

Ghost Trader have successfully transformed blockchain technology from an intangible cryptocurrency token to a self-powered and self-sustaining wealth generator, one that empowers anyone, everyone, to build their dreams, doing so one trading cycle at a time. Every trading cycle, Ghost Trader distributes gains secured by the trading team to all tokenholders, providing a stream of consistent and reliable income to them. Whereas all other so-called rewards tokens rely solely on trading volume in order to generate an ever-dwindling stream of additional tokens, Ghost Trader bases its rewards stream on the performance of the underlying trading pool — a pool that is itself a direct reflection of the power of its stakeholder community. Therefore, unlike all other rewards tokens, price action has no effect on the rewards stream. It is truly revolutionary, not just for the space, but for investing generally.

By synergizing decentralized finance technology with traditional high-level trading, Ghost Trader successfully bridges the divide between Wall Street and Main Street, introducing the potential for immense passive income even to the smallest of bagholders. Ghost Trader’s approach empowers smaller investors, amassing their smaller respective caches of capital to achieve what previously only had been the preserve of the super wealthy. This innovative, cutting-edge approach evens the playing field to allow everyone to compete in the world markets, and paves the way for the coming financial revolution.

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