The GTR Token — A Slight Return

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Over the last few months, many new community members and contributors have joined us on our journey here at Ghost Trader. We want to welcome them all, as well as help them understand the nuances of our ecosystem. While we have spilled much digital ink explaining how the ecosystem works, the time has come for a refresher.

At Ghost Trader, we believe that our success depends greatly on how well we inform our community and the wider digital asset space writ large. In the interest of proving our dedication to the community and the space, we want everyone to know exactly how our project works. An informed community is a powerful and successful one.

But First, Our Shameless Plug

We believe that when people understand what our team is building, the project becomes its own best advertisement. However, until that time, the task of providing explanation and education of the project falls to us. As we have illustrated throughout almost the entire bear market, we are the light in the darkness of the current crypto winter.

For 10 consecutive trading periods, reaching all the way back to November of 2021, our trading team has delivered market-beating rewards, and they have done so consistently. Rather than being victimized by the rampant inflation of the global economy, GTR contributors have gained ground, consistently receiving a reliable reward stream every month, just like clockwork. Additionally, despite the volatility of the digital asset market, the GTR token has managed to hold its own against the rest of the market.

At GTR, we designed our project from the ground up to help our contributors achieve a better life than they could otherwise. As time presses on and our string of successes proceed unabated, we will continue bridging the divide as we go.
We also invite you to do your own research, starting at our official Ghost Trader website. You can also join us either on Telegram or Discord, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and even listen to our podcast, found here. That way, you have many options for accessing the information germane to your research, up front.
Now that the shameless plugs are out of the way, let us get to the business at hand. Without further ado, let us jump right on in.

The Basics — Redux
In brief, Ghost Trader is, above all, a premier high-yield capital preservation vehicle. The project employs a combination of fungible and non-fungible tokens, as well as off-chain hedge trading in traditional financial markets. Our approach has enabled us to deliver market-crushing performance that we have documented steadily since inception.
The Ghost Trader and his talented trading team generate yield organically by trading in the traditional finance markets. These traditional markets include ForEx, commodities, even market indices. Yield only gets created when the Ghost Trader successfully performs.

The GTR Token, Itself
At the heart of our project, we find our GTR token. The token is the medium through which we enable smaller contributors to accumulate capital quickly, while also enjoying a steady stream of income. The interplay and synergy between the token and the NFT sides of the project provides the proverbial stanchions upon which we are building everything.

You will recall that, unlike other projects in the yield-generation field, GTR remits rewards to contributors in the form of stablecoin, specifically BUSD. This seemingly simple difference eliminates the additional volatility risk that paying rewards in the form of native coins would entail. Gains in the traditional market power the entire GTR ecosystem, insulating our contributors from the volatility inherent in this space.

The token represents a share of the reward stream that the trading team generates on a monthly basis within the token trading pool. In other words, when the trading team generates revenue from their trading activity, a significant portion of that revenue gets remitted to tokenholders. The more tokens one holds, the larger the share of the reward stream one receives.

The Deflation Mechanism

As we have covered previously in this space, the token has a built-in deflationary mechanism, which gets triggered by any buy or sell of the token itself. Essentially, all purchases get assessed a 4% fee, and all sales of the token get assessed a 12% fee. These fees accrue in the form of tokens, and those tokens get set aside into our fee wallet — found here.

Every month, providing a sufficient number of tokens have accrued into that wallet, the team then locks away up to two million tokens. For all intents and purposes, those tokens are now essentially dead. In other words, those tokens no longer receive a share of the token rewards, and remain in the locked wallet, found here, for a total of five years. Since the GTR token has a maximum lifespan of 48 months starting in April of 2022, the tokens in the locked wallet will remain inaccessible until April of 2027. Before that point in time, the token will have already been removed fully from circulation.

Because of this deflationary aspect of our token, contributors’ overall percentage of the token pool reward stream trends inexorably upward, as the team retires more and more tokens from circulation every month.

Downside Protection

One of the aspects of the project that does not get enough attention is the final settlement of the token itself. At the end of the token’s lifespan, after 48 months or if the team decides to close out the token beforehand, the liquidity held in the token trading pool gets disbursed to any remaining active tokenholders. That means that the token will always possess intrinsic value proportionally equal to the percentage value of the remaining token trading pool.

To illustrate more clearly, let us say that the project has reached the 48th month, and 10 Million tokens remain outstanding in contributors’ wallets. As of this writing, the GTR token trading pool holds approximately $460k. If the token pool were to be disbursed to those hypothetical 10 Million remaining tokens, each token would entitle the holder to approximately 4.6 cents, more than twice the current market price of the token.

Therefore, so long as you continue to hold the token, and even if the trading team only manages to tread water for the remainder of the token’s lifespan, contributors will receive a significantly larger value than they would at current market prices. Obviously, if the trading team continues to perform in a manner commensurate with their already impressive track record, these numbers would change.

The important takeaway here, though, is simple. The team designed the GTR token as a way to allow contributors to enjoy the potential for speculative gains while simultaneously enjoying significant protection against downside risk, all while receiving a reliable stream of rewards. To our knowledge, this aspect of our project remains entirely unique anywhere in the financial sector, whether in traditional or in decentralized finance.

While other projects rely on artificial hype, questionable tokenomics, and weak fundamentals, the GTR project rejects all of those approaches. The team designed Ghost Trader with numerous failsafes to protect our contributors. Of course, as with any real risk asset, there are no guarantees. Still, the team is dedicated to the success of each and every contributor to our project. The success of our community provides the team with the proof of concept that prompted the creation of Ghost Trader in the first place. We see the success of our community as our own success. This is the bridge we are building. We welcome you to join us along the way.

Join Us

Please be sure to stay tuned to our social media outlets moving forward for updates and news of the Ghost Trader project. We invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out the podcast found here.

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