Ghost Trader — The Seas are Open and Full of Opportunities

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The Ghost Trader project has managed to get its sea legs in the market already, notching an impressive list of early successes since November. With another profitable trading cycle in the books, the team is looking ahead to new plans and developments along the horizon.

Now that Ghost Trader is a quickly maturing project, the time has come to update the overall plan of the project to reflect what the team has learned so far. Doing so will improve the project and optimize our tokenholders’ overall value proposition. In the early stages of any successful commercial development, integrating new knowledge into the business plan in order to remain innovative becomes a necessity. Ghost Trader is no different in this regard.

Ghost Trader’s motto is simple, straightforward, to the point — bridging the divide. It informs every decision the team makes. The goal for Ghost Trader is to help create a fair system of decentralized finance, one that serves the needs of all — not just the ultrarich. We insist on transparency, openness, and fairness. We value confidence based on competence. We seek fundamental value, not hype. Therefore, the team enacts all new changes with an eye toward staying true to the project mission, allowing us to innovate consciously, and with a clear road ahead.

Blazing a Better Path

As many in the community have already heard, the overall Ghost Trader ecosystem will undergo a bit of an overhaul. The new changes will streamline the mechanics of the project and improve internal process, providing the team the flexibility of action and clarity of purpose necessary to take Ghost Trader to the next stage of the plan.

First on the agenda is the whitepaper. Currently, the Ghost Trader team has almost completed the process of updating the original project whitepaper. The new version will reflect the new developments that are on the cusp of adoption for the project. The result will be a significantly more refined and evolved document than the original, reflecting the ongoing maturity of the project and team respectively.

A new set of explanation videos will accompany the release of the new whitepaper, explaining graphically and in plain language the new developments. An amazing team of our community partners developed the bulk of these videos, and reflect just how astute and capable the Ghost Trader community truly is. Additionally, you should look forward to another great episode of the Ghost Trader Insider podcast. Our very own Eddie will be welcoming another special guest who will break down the entirety of the changes for the rest of us.

NFTs, The Wave of the Future

The new path will continue in the same general direction as our early successes have indicated, as Ghost Trader begins to incorporate more NFT functionality into our ecosystem. These changes represent an evolution, rather than a complete retooling. For example, one of the new developments to be rolled out will affect VIP tokenholders directly. In the near future, VIP tokenholders will become VIP NFT holders. This change will make the VIP designation potentially saleable, as well as making top-ups much easier. The VIP NFTs will still enjoy the same participation rate, of course. The VIP designation will be gaining significant utility as a result of the augmentation.

With the progression towards a more NFT-oriented project, there is a need for a means of buying and selling Ghost Trader NFTs. While not explicitly mentioned in the whitepaper, Ghost Trader will be developing and releasing our very own NFT marketplace, where people will have the opportunity to buy and sell their NFTs right here with Ghost Trader ourselves. We will be able to facilitate these trades internally when needed, thus empowering our entire community to take direct control of their financial futures.

Tokenomics In Brief

The trading pools will get a facelift as well, clarifying precisely how gains and rewards will work. The project will break down into 4 separate sub-pools, all of which together make up the trading liquidity for the Ghost Trader team. The four sub-pools are as follows: VIP NFT, Genesis NFT, GTR NFT, and GTR token. Each pool enjoys different participation rates, and all three NFT sub-pools have the option for contributors to autocompound their rewards. By unifying the sub-pools for trading purposes, we give the trading team the most latitude of action for employing their trading strategies, ultimately leading to better rewards for everyone.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the overhaul is the monthly lockup mechanic. The publishing of the new whitepaper begins a 48 month time horizon during which period the GTR company will begin a lockup protocol, removing 2% of the tokens from circulation every single month. At the end of that four year period, the token reverts to a stablecoin, and represents an even slice of the remaining pool of capital.

The Ship of Theseus Yet Sails

Clearly, these changes track pretty clearly with the overall original conceptual vision of the Ghost Trader project, and represent an organic evolution into this new streamlined structure. These changes improve on the project comprehensively — the same amazing project it has always been, just better. Every new augmentation of the project is based on the intent of the team to provide the greatest value proposition possible for Ghost Trader contributors. Ultimately, that is good for everyone.

Be sure to stay tuned to this space moving forward for updates and further deeper explanations of the Ghost Trader project. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

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