Ghost Trader — Bringing Hedge Fund Utility to the 99%

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As anyone who has been following this space for a while will tell you, the Ghost Trader project has a pretty impressive track record of blazing new trails and accomplishing more in less time than practically any other project in the digital asset space, regardless of the chain. Unlike projects like Bitcoin, which undergoes a spruce-up in utility once every three or four years, or Cardano that still has yet to roll out any real utility despite a litany of promises and blown targets despite being released over four years ago, Ghost Trader successfully launched with proven utility already established, and more released in the short time since. And that is to say nothing of the plans currently being formulated by the stellar core and administrative team. To claim that there is more yet to come is to practice deception by understatement.

And yet, even by Ghost Trader’s own stated, self-imposed charge and mandate, what they have in store next strains credulity. But before we get to the next juicy bit of news, and just for the doubters, let us take just a moment to recount just the recent high points.

Remember that Ghost Trader raised over 800BNB during the private sale, attracting an impressive war chest to begin proving its use case before a single GTR token hit the market. Then, the Ghost Trader himself proved that Ghost Trader is everything the team claimed, booking over 16% profits on the initial private sale trading pool.

That early success led to another successful round of contributions, wherein the team secured yet another considerable amount of liquid capital, more than 800BNB again. On the heels of that successful pre-launch round, the Ghost Trader team self-launched the GTR token. The launch was yet another smashing success.

The trading team then booked yet more profits over the month of December, a month that typically disappoints global traders, regardless of the market. And in the wake of that success, Ghost Trader released not just one, but two tranches of Genesis series NFTs, both of which sold out entirely within 48 hours. Ghost Trader essentially became one of the absolute first digital asset projects to offer a true DeFi NFT. Between those two mintings, the Ghost Trader project injected more than $125k into the trading pool, enabling the trading team to expand the scope of their trading activities significantly.

All of that, and somehow between all of those amazing accomplishments, the team also managed to get listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, complete successfully their CertiK audit, and currently has Skynet smart contract monitoring engaged. This team means business. They are taking no prisoners, and they are charging hard at every single turn, crushing expectations along the way.

Now, with this unbroken string of unmitigated successes serving as a tailwind pushing into the new year, Ghost Trader just rolled out the newest component to the project, a true fiat on-ramp. Those of you familiar with digital assets will undoubtedly grasp the importance of such a new mechanism for liquidity intake. For those less aware of the implications, allow me to explain.

Ghost Trader now can accept direct deposits from credit card purchases. In other words, those who wish to use their credit cards to buy GTR can now do so directly. This direct fiat-to-GTR onramp enables contributors to simplify the purchase process immensely, obviating the need for contributors to navigate any decentralized exchanges like Pancakeswap, should they so choose.

This new development makes GTR accessible to anyone with a credit card, thereby enabling Ghost Trader to expand its reach well beyond the digital asset echo chamber directly to the rest of the world, straight to the 99%. Very few digital asset projects have established successfully a fiat on-ramp. Most people get stuck relying on centralized exchanges, and that carries its own significant drawbacks.

Ghost Trader has decided to bypass the needless complications and trappings of traditional finance, thereby practically kicking the proverbial door off the hinges and allowing almost anyone, anywhere interested in the project to get involved directly and without any middlemen. This will prove to be a truly exciting and propitious development, one that will further reinforce Ghost Trader as the trendsetting pioneer at the nexus of the FinTech/DeFi worlds.

Be sure to stay tuned to this space moving forward for updates and further deeper explanations of the Ghost Trader project. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our official Ghost Trader website, join us either on Telegram or Discord, and follow us on Twitter.

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