Ghost Trader - What Comes Next

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Ghost Trader - What Comes Next

The last three months have been quite a ride. We opened the proverbial doors here at Ghost Trader near the end of November 2021. The world, as surprising as it sounds, was a very different place twelve weeks ago. Since then, the entire global market has drawn back. We saw the resurgence of covid-19 in the form of the omicron variant. War in Europe dominates the airwaves.

The confluence of these developments has hastened the contraction that many knew would inevitably arrive. There is talk of oil hitting $300 per barrel, of gold reaching $2500 per troy ounce. As we all watch, the whole world on tenterhooks, we await some peaceful resolution to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Between the thinly veiled threats of nuclear escalation from Putin and the ejection of Russia from the western economic system by the US and the European Union, the likelihood of avoiding both an expanded theater of war and a more significant global economic contraction shrinks by the day.

The Rock Against the Tides

Despite these tumultuous times, Ghost Trader has remained steadfast, delivering consistent, reliable rewards to its contributors month-in and month-out. That reliability will continue, regardless of the state of play on the world stage.

The first few months of the project have proven quite instructive for all of us at Ghost Trader, and has provided us new insights in terms of how to improve on a project that has already proven its core utility repeatedly. In order to enable the Ghost Trader project to move forward to the next phase of our plan, the team has a number of new developments and augmentations set for adoption in the very near future.

New Developments

As the community certainly has noticed, the team has slowed down our media releases and our AMA events for the time being. We have even reduced the amount of voice discussion on our Telegram group. Our aim behind this has been to give the core team the opportunity to dedicate the greatest amount of time, energy, and attention to improving Ghost Trader from the ground up. As the team seeks to streamline the project and maximize our core value proposition for all of our contributors, there will be some alterations to the overall structure of the project.

Ghost Trader will begin releasing specifics over the next few weeks. Initially, we will be releasing a newly updated whitepaper, as well as a more extensive roadmap. We will also be updating the website to reflect these improvements. All of these updates will provide a veritable smorgasbord of information and will provide deeper explanations for how the project will work.

In the meantime, our trading team will continue to deliver value to our contributors. Our community leaders will be here to help you with any issues you may have. The Ghost Trader family will persist in providing the best value proposition in the digital asset space. Remember this. Ghost Trader stands apart from the rest of the digital asset space. We are in it, but not of it. Ghost Trader has no peers. We are the new standard by which all other projects must be measured. Green candles, red candles, they are of no matter. Ghost Trader delivers, and we are only just beginning. Watch this space for updates. Join us.

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