The Next Shiba Inu?

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The Next Shiba Inu?

Everyone involved in the cryptospace is on the constant search for the next huge project. We’re not talking about the projects that double or triple your money, or even the five-fold or ten-bagger projects. Those are great, and welcome on their own. Certainly, no one will scoff at finding good projects like that. But if you ask the average crypto investor, they will all answer the same. Everyone hopes and dreams of discovering that rare hidden gem that moons right before our very eyes. Everyone, even non-crypto investors, knows the names. Dogecoin. Safemoon. Shiba Inu.

Finding and identifying those projects is far from easy. Indeed, if it were easy, as they say, everyone would do it. Yet from time to time, there arrives to the space the rare project that balances the right amount and type of current utility with real promise of future expanded use cases, along with the necessary early adoption, strong community, and overall hype. What is even more uncommon — indeed, unheard of — is when such a project proves itself before it even launches.

Enter Ghost Trader, the most exciting new project ever to launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Everything about this project either breaks new ground entirely, or treads where few others have dared.

Simply stated, Ghost Trader is the world’s first tokenized crypto “hedge fund.” The project utilizes the unique advantages of blockchain and smart contract technologies to pool capital from investors for the investing team to employ across all manner of global markets. This approach then allows the team to redistribute profits right back to project investors on a monthly basis in the form of BUSD dividends. The goal of the project is simple — to bring the rare expertise and stratospheric returns of elite hedge fund traders to average retail investors, making financial success accessible to the masses.

As if that were not enough, the Ghost Trader team itself consists of multiple established and successful professional traders working constantly behind the scenes to make money for tokenholders. That team is managed and directed by the Ghost Trader himself, who has established a distinguished track record of over 35 years of experience trading in markets all over the world, for major hedge funds, global banks, and even royal families.

Clearly, the team is aiming high with such lofty ambitions. And yet, they have provided ample proof for the pudding. Before the project had even launched its pre-sale, the trading team delivered impressive gains, more than 6.5% over a two week trading period, back to the initial good faith contributors. They achieved this impressive feat while the rest of the world’s equity and crypto markets bled, posting significant losses almost across the board. It should be noted that the team accumulated over 800BNB on the original concept and the proven track record of the Ghost Trader before the pre-sale ver took place. That achievement in itself stands as quite an accomplishment.

When the team finally brought the project to market, they reached their hard cap of an additional 800BNB in less than twelve hours, all without any media expenditure or hype whatsoever . What’s more, the team handled the launch themselves without the assistance or reliance upon launchpad sites, while simultaneously growing their Telegram community organically to over 5000 members in the process, simply through word of mouth.

The only question that remains is a simple one — can Ghost Trader achieve the meteoric, exponential growth of the aforementioned projects? Will Ghost Trader be the next Shiba Inu? Only time will tell, of course. We are faced with some certainties, however. Ghost Trader has the pedigree. Ghost Trader has impressive and proven utility, with much more planned. Ghost Trader has an amazing and growing community. Ghost Trader has a track record of success. There are no other projects that have come before that can make such claims.

Welcome to Ghost Trader, where we bring Wall Street to Main Street.

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