GTR — Success Like Clockwork

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It is a rare phenomenon indeed when an ambitious, complex plan ultimately comes together. Such plans tend to require skill and effort in equal measure, not to mention a significant amount of luck. Rarer still are those unique successes in which most of us get the opportunity to participate. Perhaps this explains why General John ‘Hannibal’ Smith placed so much emphasis on relishing the fruits of a successful, well-laid plan. They tend to not come around too often for most of us.

Taking a Moment

Speaking of well-laid plans, GTR recently announced a major step forward for our project. As you probably already know if you have been following GTR for any length of time, the project just recently succeeded in fulfilling the completion of our full-version ecosystem. By rolling out the Withdrawal function, the team has instituted the final component to our custom DApp.

This new mechanic makes deposits fully accessible to their holders, and enables contributors to both contribute and withdraw funds according to their prerogative. By instituting the withdrawal option, GTR NFTs now function in a somewhat similar fashion to 30 day high-yield call accounts. Now that the withdrawal function has been engaged, contributors have essentially no restrictions on their ability to deposit into or withdraw from their NFTs.

There are various technical differences between the two. Still, the main GTR aim is to provide a new and novel cutting-edge alternative financial instrument that nevertheless maintains a familiar end user experience. The team is proud of its achievements so far.

A Track Record Unparalleled

Our team designed and built the GTR ecosystem for one purpose — to bridge the divide. But without the trading team, the team’s goals would be much more difficult to reach. Luckily, GTR has also consistently beaten the market since launch, and looks poised to book another profitable, successful launch.

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